The Tasmanian Health Service (THS) and The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has appointed MedicalDirector (www.medicaldirector.com) as the key service provider of the Electronic Portal for Online Clinical Help (EPOCH). As a result, there will be some changes to the site that clinicians should be aware of.

Will there be a new EPOCH Customer Support Desk available?

Yes – customer support will be available 24/7 by MedicalDirector
Phone: 1800 882 093 Email: epochsupport@medicaldirector.com

During business hours please contact Library Services on
Phone: 6777 6056 Email: ramlib@ths.tas.gov.au

What kind of additional support and training resources will be provided?

In addition to the customer support desk, EPOCH users will also be able to access a comprehensive online training and information portal accessible from the main EPOCH homepage. See Training tab on EPOCH Home page.


Do I have to log in to access resources if I am using a computer for my institution?

If you are accessing EPOCH resources from a computer linked to a valid/recognised network or IP range, then you will not have to login to access resources.

Why do I have to register for offsite access?

MedicalDirector will be providing access and authentication services via their, proprietary platform known as the Access Control System (ACS).

The ACS is used across the Australian public healthcare system. In order to utilise the ACS platform you will need to complete a short registration process to ensure all your details are up to date and validated. This will be straight-forward and should only take a few minutes.

How do I register for an EPOCH ACS account?

Access to EPOCH resources is only available if you are employed by a health provider who is funded by DHHS/THS. If you are unsure, you can view the list of services eligible to access the EPOCH resources on the EPOCH ACS self-registration form.

EPOCH ACS self-registration form.

I tried to register for an EPOCH ACS account but was unsuccessful. What should I do?

Please first check the following:

  • Have you completed all mandatory sections of the form (these will be auto-highlighted for you)?
  • Please ensure that you register using an email address from a valid THS/DHHS domain. Valid email addresses end in @ths.tas.gov.au or @dhhs.tas.gov.au
  • Have you previously registered for an ACS account in a different state jurisdiction using the same email address?
  • Have you selected the correct hospital or organisation?
If you still encounter problems please contact the EPOCH Customer Support Desk:

Tel: 1800 882 093

Email: epochsupport@medicaldirector.com

I have received an email saying that my account is due to expire. What should I do?

Reminder emails are sent 28, 14, 7 and 1 day before the account will expire. If you do not update your password by the expiry time the account will be deleted, and you will need to register again if you still want external access.

You must renew your password using a PC on the DHHS network.

Follow the account renewal link provided to you. If you experience difficulty following the link please copy and paste the URL into your browser. You will be required to enter your ACS username and password to begin the renewal process.

Once you have been logged in your details will be auto-populated into the account renewal form. Please review this information and update your password (and other details where necessary). You can also use this as an opportunity to update your affiliated Tasmanian Government organisation. When complete click the submit button.

I tried to login with my ACS details but it says my account is not activated. What should I do?

For new accounts: You may have missed the activation email sent to you immediately after you applied for an account. Please visit your registered email address and there should be an email. Please click on the link in the activation email to access your account and activate.

For renewed accounts: You may have missed the renewal email sent to you.

Can I register using a personal email address?

No – you can only register using a valid THS/DHHS email address. These end in either @ths.tas.gov.au or @dhhs.tas.gov.au

How many characters are required in the username and password?

Both the username and password must have at least 8 characters. There is no upper limit. The password is case sensitive.

Do I include spaces when registering my telephone number?

No – but you will be required to enter your area code for land line numbers, again with no spaces.

I have completed the ACS renewal process, but my account is not activated. What should I do?

To complete the ACS renewal process, please revisit your registered email address and follow the activation link that has been sent to you.

Please note; the activation link can only be used once and you must activate within 72 hours of receiving the email.

How long does the offsite registration to EPOCH resources last for?

Your registration will be valid for 12 months. At this point you will need to renew your registration by updating your password (see above).

Will I be reminded before my registration expires?

Yes – you will receive email reminders to renew your registration before it expires.

I have forgotten my ACS username/password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password you will need to reset your password. Select the ‘forgot password’ link from the login screen and follow the instructions to reset. If you have forgotten your username select this ‘forgot username’ link and follow the instructions.

Mobile Services

MIMS – will I need to re-register/how do I register for access to MIMS on iOS/Android devices or for MIMS mobile?

THS/DHHS staff who have already registered for MIMS for 2017 and have an Enterprise token do not need to do anything immediately. You will receive instructions when your token is due to expire.

If you are a new user and do not have a MIMS Enterprise token, please follow the instructions below or contact the EPOCH Customer Support Desk.

For new users accessing this FAQ within the THS/DHHS network (device connected to wi-fi)

  1. Search and download iMIMS from the App Store or MIMS for Android from Google Play. NB: The MIMS application is 430MB. It will not be possible to download it over the 3G/4G network.
  2. Use the following link to Request a MIMS Token Number.
  3. Fill in the Registration form, and click ‘Complete Registration’. Your token number will be displayed on the screen and emailed.
  4. Launch MIMS. Ignore the Username and password boxes and enter the Token Number into the Enterprise Token box.
  5. Click Sign in to activate the app and follow screen instructions to complete the installation.
New users wanting to install MIMS using a device not connected to the THS/DHHS network (home wi-fi) need to make an EPOCH ACS account on the THS/DHHS network first. Use a work desktop computer or device on THS/DHHS wi-fi to Register for an EPOCH ACS account. When you Request a MIMS Token Number you will be prompted to login to EPOCH using your EPOCH ACS username and password.

If your device is not compatible with either app, you can use the process to obtain a login for MIMS Mobile, which has been developed for use across a range of platforms and devices. It is a mobile website which does not need an app. You will be sent a login by email.

AIDH (Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook)

AIDH is a device responsive platform, which means you can access it from most web-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets). To access follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you have registered for an EPOCH ACS account
  2. Type the platform urls into your device’s browser http://aidh.hcn.com.au)
  3. Enter your EPOCH ACS account username and password to login
For comprehensive advice on accessing mobile resources see the Library Services page.

How can I access ClinicalKey via a mobile device?

ClinicalKey is optimized for all mobile devices, but we recommend you use the App for the best experience using a mobile device. It can be used by both ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing subscribers and is available in Android and iOS formats for mobile phone and tablet.

For access to the App you will be required to have a valid login and password. This should be setup from the desktop site prior to accessing the App while logged in to the EPOCH portal on-site or off-site and navigating to the ClinicalKey website and following these steps.

  1. From the home page, select the "Register" link in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you are on the Log In page, click "Not Registered? Register now" below the "Log in" button.
  2. You will be asked to enter a Username (your email address) and a Password. These will serve as your login credentials.
Once you have an account and password, follow the steps below to download the CK Mobile App. Please Note: Internet connection and a valid account with remote access are needed to use the CK Mobile App.

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for "ClinicalKey," and install at no charge.
  3. Once in the App, two options will appear: Click on ClinicalKey or ClinicalKey for Nursing, depending on your subscription.
  4. Enter your ClinicalKey or ClinicalKey for Nursing username and password used for remote access, and start using the ClinicalKey Mobile App.


How do I access training for EPOCH resources ?

See details of training at the top of the EPOCH home page.

All Library Services staff deliver face to face training. Contact your nearest Library.

General Errors

I am trying to access an EPOCH resource however the page does not load/I receive an error message. What should I do?

In the first instance call Library Services in business hours to discuss the problem on
Phone: 6777 6056 Email: ramlib@ths.tas.gov.au

OR contact the EPOCH Customer Support Desk (Tel: 1800 882 093) and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the name of the journal/resource that you are having problems with?
  • When did the problem start (e.g. date and approximate time)?
  • Are you trying to access the EPOCH resource whilst onsite (at work) or remotely (i.e. from home)?
  • How are you accessing this resource (e.g. EPOCH website, library A-to-Z listing, library website/portal)?
  • Is this problem affecting one computer or a whole department?
  • Have you been able to access this resource in the past?
  • Have you cleared your cookies cache and recent browsing history and reattempted access?
  • If possible, please provide a “Print Screen” copy of the error message you are viewing to be pasted into the email
We may also request additional information to assist with your query, as listed below:
  • Your domain name: (You may need help from your IT department).
  • Your IP address: (you can check this using www.whatismyip.com).
  • The username and password of the account/s you are having this problem with.

I am unable to access the AMH resource using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. What should I do?

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) is dedicated to supporting our resources on a wide range of browsers and devices. We are also dedicated to continually improving navigation and presentation by taking advantage of new practices and browser functionalities.

Due to the declining use of older browser software, and the decision by Microsoft that Windows XP and associated software would no longer be supported with software and security updates, AMH decided to remove support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and 7 in July 2014. Subsequently, Microsoft decided to remove support for IE 8, 9 and 10 in January 2016.

These browser versions have been superseded by IE version 11 and Microsoft Edge. As our users move away from earlier versions of IE, AMH has been forced to spend a disproportionate amount of time ensuring that the site design remains functioning and usable across supported versions – something made more and more difficult as the older versions continue to fall behind in functionality. By removing the support for these earlier versions, AMH will be able to dedicate more time to continuing to provide a quality resource for our users now and into the future.

AMH has decided to remove support for IE version 8 as of 17th July 2017 which means there will be some loss of functionality in our websites. Please note that in January 2018, the content of AMH Online and Companion websites will no longer be viewable in IE versions 7 and 8.

We strongly recommend that anyone still using IE version 10 or earlier to upgrade as soon as possible so that they will continue to receive Microsoft security updates, and continue to get the best experience from the AMH Online and Companion websites, and other websites in general.

As Microsoft’s announcement to no longer support MSIE 9 and 10 is recent, AMH will continue to support them for now. Our ability to continue to provide support for these browsers will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Regards, Jean-Pierre Calabretto
Manager: Quality, Strategy & Development
Australian Medicines Handbook Pty Ltd

Resources and Applications

Will I need to update my existing bookmarks/favourites?

Yes – there will be changes to the URLs for all resources/platforms so you will need to re-access your preferred links direct from the EPOCH website and re-save as favourites/bookmarks.

Remember that you will need to re-save in each browser if you use more than one or use your browser’s import/export function.

Is there a new search and discovery tool?

Yes – MedicalDirector has partnered with ProQuest/Ex Libris to provide all EPOCH users with access to their Summon 2.0 discovery platform. It is accessible from an embedded search box on the EPOCH website and has very similar functionality to the previous search platform, with some additional new features. For full details visit the EPOCH training pages. 

Is there an A-Z list of journals and eBooks?

Yes – a comprehensive portal providing an A-Z listing of all available resources will be accessible to all EPOCH users.

Go to the Resources A-Z folder on the EPOCH home page